TWICE’s shocking image: Sana is in the frame but no one knows?

Let’s join the “Finding Sana” challenge! Can you see her?

Since their debut, TWICE has always been appreciated for their dancing ability. In terms of singing, the group is often criticized, but the choreography is the strength that no one dares to “mock” the group. Recently, a GIF image of TWICE went viral on Twitter. This is the image of the JYP girl group cut from their dance practice video “The Feels” – an English song released in October 2021. International netizens expressed their amazement at the top-notch dancing skills of the TWICE girls.

TWICE’s viral GIF image

In this choreography segment, the TWICE members perform extremely in-sync hand and hip movements. However, there’s something unusual in this image. When filming “The Feels” dance video, TWICE only appeared with 8 members due to Jeongyeon’s health problems.

However, at first glance, you may mistakenly think that there are only 7 TWICE members, without Sana? But actually, Sana is also in the frame, and is standing… right behind Chaeyoung! TWICE’s dance moves are so perfect and synchronized that no one notices Sana’s presence, because she and Chaeyoung look like just one person!

Because the movements were so synchronized, no one noticed that Sana was standing behind Chaeyoung
Many people wondered “Where is Sana” and received the answer “She’s right behind Chaeyoung”
Fans jokingly called this the “Finding Sana” challenge.

Netizens expressed amazement at TWICE’s “uniform” choreography skills. TWICE is known to be good at dancing, but it’s hard to believe they are that good! In addition, this image also accurately shows each member’s dancing style and ability. While Momo, Nayeon, or Jihyo dance unsurprisingly very well, netizens are also impressed by Tzuyu’s dance technique. She deserves to be in TWICE’s dance line as she has flexible movements and an extremely sexy hip shake.

Some comments:

  • Oh my god, their choreography is unexpectedly synchronized!
  • TWICE is so in sync that you can’t even see Sana behind Chaeyoung!
  • I mistakenly thought there were only 7 members.
  • Sana completely disappeared behind Chaeyoung. I have goosebumps already.
  • If you look at their feet, you can count 8 people, but where is Sana?
  • Tzuyu dances very well too. What a surprise!
  • This GIF is extremely satisfying to our eyes because TWICE performs the choreography uniformly.
TWICE is famous for their ability to perform “army-like” dance performances.

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