NewJeans achieved Perfect All-Kill with “Ditto”, but failed to surpass BLACKPINK’s record 6 years ago

With their latest release, “Ditto”, NewJeans boasted outstanding digital achievements, yet still lost to an impressive record set by BLACKPINK. 

On December 19th, “monster rookie” girl group NewJeans kickstarted their first comeback with the pre-release song “Ditto”. Alongside the interesting concept, “Ditto” also brings to life refreshing music that invoke feelings of nostalgia and youth, making it impossible to not press the “replay” button. 

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NewJeans’ prerelease song “Ditto” is receiving a lot of love 

In addition, “Ditto” boasts impressive achievements when it comes to digitals in South Korea, having achieved an “Real-time all-kill” within 15 hours by topping all Korean music charts, making them the fastest girl group to attain such an achievement.  

Now, the group has once again proven themselves as a new-generation “digital monster” with their first “Perfect All-Kill” (PAK), proving that they got the public on their side. At the same time, since it has nailed a PAK within 6 days. “Ditto” is the fastest song to achieve this achievement in 2022. 

newjeans ditto pak
NewJeans make their fans proud with the newly-achieved PAK 

With “Ditto”, NewJeans is now one of the fastest girl groups to achieve a PAK in the history of Kpop (in 146 days since debut). However, while they defeated many other remarkable names, NewJeans still lost to BLACKPINK, who secured a PAK in just 6 days with their debut song “Whistle”. 

Nevertheless, this is still an astonishing achievement, seeing that NewJeans was faster than I.O.I (168 days), TWICE (190 days), IVE (285 days) and aespa (332 days). 

blackpink whistle pak
NewJeans achieved a PAK faster than various remarkable names…
blackpink concert
…and only lost to BLACKPINK

Source: k14

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