Jo Han Chul’s reply when asked about the arguable ending of “Reborn Rich”

Actor Jo Han Chul expressed his opinion regarding the arguable ending of “Reborn Rich.”

Jo Han Chul met with Wikitree at a cafe located in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on Dec 23rd for an interview on the drama “Reborn Rich

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Asked if he was satisfied with the ending, Jo Han Chul said, “Most endings often develop in the wrong direction. I think it’s fortunate that we can maintain the ending without straying away from the writer’s original thought and original intention for the drama’s plot,” he said, expressing his satisfaction.

Regarding the opinion that the more popular a drama is, the more controversial its ending will be,” Jo Han Chul said, “Because the drama is so hyped, many people will talk about the ending they want based on their own observation of facts and the characters, but if you look at the drama as a whole and see the ending later on, I think you will realize it’s the right ending.

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Wouldn’t it be weird if I become famous after ‘Reborn Rich’?” he said honestly, drawing laughter.

In the drama, Jo Han Chul plays the second son of the Sun Yang family, the ambitious Jin Dong Ki, portraying the dramatic fall of a character with unrivaled ability.

I talked a lot with the director to be able to express the character of Jin Dong Ki, who also appears in the original novel. I thought it would be right to understand the character without reading the original. Because even though it might help me understand my character more, there are times it might interrupt how I understand my role. I’m also curious, so I’m thinking I might read the original work someday,” he confessed.

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As for the part he paid attention to the most when expressing Jin Dong Ki, he said, “I focused on how he is the second child. There’s something sad about being the second one. I didn’t know because I’m not actually the second child in my house, but Jin Dong Ki said he felt like he doesn’t actually exist in his house as the second child. That’s why he wants attention. I heard that it is a characteristic that you can’t just put anywhere,” he said.

He added, “I tried to portray Jin Dong Ki in that way. Jin Dong Ki studied well but he didn’t use that wisely and was just trying to look nice in the eyes of his father and get his attention.”

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Earlier, Jo Han Chul also played the coffee shop owner who has a daughter in tvN’s drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”. Later, he appeared in KBS2’s “The Law Cafe” as a psychopath chaebol, and played Beom Seok’s father, a National Assembly member, in “Weak Hero Class 1”. He drew keen attention with his portrayal of vice-chairman Jin Dong Ki, the quick-witted son who always wants to draw the attention of his father, in “Reborn Rich”. Jo Han Chul has widened his acting spectrum by taking on various kinds of characters. He proved his extraordinary presence and increased viewers’ immersion with his persuasive performance.

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Born in the year of the ox, Jo Han Chul worked hard in 2022. When asked about what helped him keep his energy throughout the year, the actor said, “My mother told me that it was because I was born in the year of the ox, and I think that’s true”. He surprised everyone when saying “Instinctively, I don’t know when I get tired, and I just hate playing around and resting. Also, I can’t sit still and stay at home. I don’t even have a TV in my house. I used to have one, and I stood while watching the TV”

From making special appearances to playing major roles, Jo Han Chul has filled this year with various impressive works. He always did his part well, and successfully ended this year with “Reborn Rich”.

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Lastly, Jo Han Chul said, “I lived and did things that I had always done. I enjoyed this the same as I did last year, but I think there were more things for me to be thankful for. I worked harder for ‘Reborn Rich’ than other works, so I’m grateful that everyone loves it”.

In the last episode of JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 25th, the long story told in the drama looked like it was a dream, but there were parts that made viewers wonder if it was a “dream” or a “reincarnation”. It is because Soonyang’s secretary Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), who was reborn into Jin Do Joon, the youngest son of Soonyang family, returns to reality after waking up from unconsciousness and continues his life as Yoon Hyun Woo.

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The twist at the end of the drama overturns viewers’ expectations. No one expected Yoon Hyun Woo to wake up after Jin Do Joon died in a dump truck accident.

In this regard, JTBC said, “There is no direct interpretation of the drama”, adding “Please refer to the data we distributed”. They continued, “It was the moment Yoon Hyun Woo’s long revenge, which was extended from his past life to the current life, got paid off”, adding “His smile after seeing a new miracle of having his second life has completed a meaningful ending”.

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The 17 years that Yoon Hyun Woo lived as Jin Do Joon eventually resulted in viewers’ disappointment as it was portrayed like a dream in the scene showing Song Joong Ki lying in the hospital room. Many viewers called it an “incomplete ending” and criticized that it did not meet their expectations for a well-loved drama with high ratings. 

Source: Wikitree

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