NewJeans’ pre-release song “Ditto” has set a new record

Min Hee Jin’s girl group NewJeans topped global music charts including Spotify, proving themselves as a new “music queen”.

According to Spotify’s latest chart (compiled as of December 21st and published on December 23rd), NewJeans’ pre-release song “Ditto”, which was unveiled on December 19th and will be included in the group’s single album “OMG”, has recorded 11,470,885 streams and ranked 22nd in the global “Daily Top Song”.

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“Ditto” also topped the “Daily Top Song’ chart in 6 countries and regions, including Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. It also ranked 2nd in Malaysia, 5th in Indonesia, 7th in the Philippines, and 9th in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, “Ditto”, which entered the US Daily Top Song at 199th, has since climbed 117 places to 82nd, showing a steep rise. Meanwhile, the song’s performance on Korea’s Daily Top Song is overwhelming, and as of 21st, “Ditto” has been sitting on top of this nation’s Spotify chart.


Meanwhile, “Hype Boy” landed in the 2nd position, whilst “Attention”, “Cookie”, and “Hurt” followed at 5th, 14th, and 26th respectively. With all songs since debut in high ranks, NewJeans truly prove themselves a new “music queen”. 

NewJeans, who entered the global Spotify’s Daily Top Artist chart at 181st, has since climbed 59 places to reach the 122nd position. At the same time, the groups topped Spotify Korea’s Daily Top Artist list, and ranked 36th in Japan’s Daily Top Artist list. 


On the other hand, immediately after its release, “Ditto” topped the iTune’s Top Song chart in 7 countries and regions, including the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The song also landed in No.19 on Apple Music’s Today Top 100 Global.

Source: wikitree

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