“Sky Castle” Kim Seo-hyung stuns viewers with novel yet alluring image in Vogue Korea pictorial 

Kim Seo-hyung challenged conventional images with a provocative style.

Recently, Vogue Korea released colorful pictorial and interviews with actress Kim Seo-hyung where she took on unconventional style to show off her individual color in her signature “short cuts” hairstyle. 

kim seo hyung vogue korea

Kim Seo-hyung completed an over-the-top and attractive style in a hair concept that extended out on both sides in a unique pose that boasted a slim body. In the pictorial, she wore a unique outfit mixed with black and white.

Kim Seo-hyung, who played the role of a terminal cancer patient Jung Da Jung in Watcha’s original new drama “Recipe for Farewell,” said, “Cancer patients are naturally hanging on the edge of cliff physically and emotionally, and I don’t think they need to be seen by the viewers’ eyes.” She elaborated, “I tried to make the situation come out sufficiently only with the words or tones delivered by the affection,” adding, “I tried to naturally express the deepening effect of the disease.”

kim seo hyung vogue korea

Speaking of her co-stars Han Seok-kyu and Jin Ho-eun, actress Kim So-hyun said, “Han Seok-kyu’s comfort is the most important, I think he is an actor who gives stability with his existence. I felt strangely comfortable from the first meeting with Ho-eun, who played the role of my son.” 

The original Watcha drama,”Recipe for Farewell,” starring Kim Seo-hyung, based on the novel of the same name, is a drama about a husband (Han Seok-kyu) who tries to make food for his wife (Kim Seo-hyung), who had to endure the unexpected arrival of cancer. 

Kim Joo Young-Kim Seo Hyung-Sky Castle

Meanwhile, Kim Seo-hyung was loved for his role Kim Joo-young, a top-class entrance exam coordinator who hid a secret in the 2018 JTBC drama “Sky Castle.”

Interviews and pictorials of actor Kim Seo-hyung can be found in the January 2023 issue of Vogue Korea.

kim seo hyung vogue korea

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