Korean actresses who cut off their long hair for K-drama roles (ft. Song Hye Kyo, Suzy, and more) 

These Korean actresses have the most outstanding on-screen hair transformations. 

To serve their K-drama roles, the following actresses were willing to cut off their long hair that they were associated with for a long time to replace it with a shorter, bolder hairstyle.

1. Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won shot to fame throughout Asia for playing army surgeon Myung Joo in Descendants of the Sun. The portrayal of this character also marks her major hair transformation. Kim Ji Won appeared for the first time with a bob haircut in the hit drama. In a new image, Kim Ji Woon looks tough yet equally lovely and refreshing.

2. Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung‘s short haircut with choppy bangs in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is one of the most iconic hairstyles of the actress because it suits her character perfectly. With this hairstyle, Lee Sung Kyung looks especially cute and playful. Her short fringe even became a trend for a while.

3. Krystal

Krystal cut her hair short to suit her role in Prison Playbook. However, many netizens believe the middle part, wavy bob hairstyle does not suit Krystal as much as her usual long hair and even makes her look somewhat older. Therefore, not long after, Krystal grew her hair back and has stuck with the long hairstyle until now.

4. Jeon Yeo Bin

After boasting a classy and elegant visual with long hair in Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo Bin recently switched to short hair to match her new character in Someday or One Day. However, her bob hairstyle, which is slightly curled and dyed black, accidentally makes Jeon Yeo Bin look a bit older compared to her long hair look.

5. Park Min Young

Park Min Young has sacrificed her long hair for her K-drama roles a few times, and the most memorable hair transformation of the actress is in Healer. Playing reporter Chae Young Shin, Park Min Young surprised the viewers with her cute bob haircut with airy bangs.

6. Kim Seo Hyung

Possessing a genderless beauty, Kim Seo Hyun has had short hair many times in dramas. The most notable one is the role of the oldest aunt in Mine. Thanks to the refinement from costumes, make-up to hairstyle, the actress’s image in this drama created the outstanding effect. The short hairstyle also accentuates her sharp lines and attractive eyes, helping the actress look powerful but equally beautiful.

7. Suzy

In order to transform into Nam Hong Joo in While You Were Sleeping, Suzy gave up the long hair which has been with her for nearly 8 years to appear with a short, layered hairstyle with air bangs and the hair end embracing her neck lightly. Thanks to her delicate face features, the female idol received countless compliments from the audience when changing to this hairstyle. The Nation’s first love looks sweet, elegant and pure in the new hairstyle. 

8. Yoona

In fact, Hush is not the first time Yoona has her hair appear short, however, this is the time when the hair brings her the most explosive effect. Accordingly, in the drama, in order to match the character’s work and personality, Yoona had her hair skilfully trimmed so that the hair layers hugged her face. The female star is praised for her young, radiant, and attractive beauty with the new hairstyle.

9. Song Hye Kyo

Few people know that Song Hye Kyo once gave up her long hair for a long time to change to a new image in Encounter. The actress had her hair short that embraced her face with cute schoolgirl bangs, bringing a sweet and youthful beauty.

10. Go Jun Hee

Go Jun Hee is one of the best demonstrations for the power of hairstyle. Even though she only appeared in a supporting role in She Was Pretty, thanks to her impressive acting and chic pixie hair, Go Jun Hee suddenly became a star. Her hairstyle in the drama also became a hot trend later. This hairstyle was even named after the actress. Until now, the actress still has short hair in her two most recent works, Possessed and The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream.

11. Kim Min Jung

Kim Min Jung also had her short to match the character Cha Do Ha in Man To Man. However, Min Jung’s excessively short hair was criticized at that time. Many people think that this hairstyle is drowning the beauty of the actress, she looks much less sharp and funnier.


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