The reason why Park Eun-bin’s parents let her debut at 5-year-old

Park Eun-bin revealed the reason why she got to debut so early.

In a variety show that Park Eun-bin guetsed, the actress recalled that she hated being disorganized.

The young Eun-bin would pay attention to every strand of hair and always combed it with a comb. She evenI checked the back of her head with two mirrors to make sure her hair was in good shape.

One time, her mother saw her applying lipstick with a brush. She thought that Eun-bin was different from other kids and thanks to her mother’s foresight, she debuted as a kid model at 5 year-old. She even did photoshoot with the young Yoo Seung-ho.

Two years later, Park Eun-bin officially debuted as an actress in the SBS drama “White Night 3.98.” The images of her appearing on a talk show when she was a child proves that she has always been a goddess. Her face has not change a thing.

Who would have known that little cute child actress will become the female lead of a hit drama that tops various drama charts around the world.

Park Eun-bin is currently starring in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and gaining a lot of love from fans.

Source: daum

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