“Monster Rookie” IVE took home Bonsang and Rookie of The Year award at K Global Heart Dream Awards 

“MZ Wannabe Icon” IVE bagged two wins at the K Global Heart Dream Awards last night. 

At the K Global Heart Dream Awards held on August 25th, IVE won the Super Rookie of The Year Award and their first-ever Bonsang, once again confirming that they are a “monster rookie”. 

IVE went beyond the Rookie Award and won a Bonsang, boasting their status as a “4th generation representative group”. Through the stage that followed, IVE heated up the award show with a performance that fans couldn’t take his eyes off of for even a moment.


After debuting in December 2021, IVE set a record with 13 music show wins and exceeded 150 million views on YouTube with their first single “ELEVEN”, leaving a strong mark in the music industry. IVE’s second single “LOVE DIVE” released in April not only dominated domestic and international charts, but also surpassed 140 million views on YouTube, showing great popularity. 

IVE is continuing to solidify their popularity with the third single “After LIKE”, which was released on August 22nd.  Upon release, “After LIKE” swept major charts in Korea and overseas. IVE’s 3rd single album recorded physical sales of 460,000 copies on the first day of release, breaking the record of the previous album’s first-week sales in only a day. 


IVE’s leader Ahn Yujin said through Starship Entertainment, “We are honored just to receive the Super Rookie Award at the ‘K Global Heart Dream Awards’, but to win a Bonsang is such a great honor. We are even more happy and grateful to be able to win two awards, the Super Rookie Award and Bonsang like this on the first day of our comeback promotions for ‘After LIKE’. We also want to say thank you to DIVEs for always supporting us. We love you. We will work hard in this promotion and show you a better image.”

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IVE made a comeback with the third single album “After LIKE” and the title track of the same name on August 22nd and dominated major charts domestically and internationally, creating the third syndrome.

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