Sentenced to 1 year 6 months in prison, Seungri will be discharged from military service and transferred to Yeoju Prison

Seungri, who was imprisoned in the military prison, will be discharged from the military prison on Jun 9th, and transferred to Yeoju Prison, a civilian prison.

Lee Seung-ri (real name Lee Seung-hyun), a singer from BIGBANG, who was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for habitual gambling worth 2.2 billion won, will be transferred to Yeoju Prison, a civilian prison, on Jun 9th.


According to the military authorities on Jun 8th, the Army Headquarters Human Resources Command will discharge Seung-ri, who was sentenced to one and a half years in prison by the Supreme Court on May 26th, according to the Enforcement Decree of the Military Service Act. After being discharged, Seungri will be transferred to Yeoju Prison, the closest civilian prison from the Armed Forces Prison in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Article 136 of the Enforcement Decree of the Military Service Act requires those who are sentenced to imprisonment for more than a year and a half or imprisonment as soldiers to be included in wartime work.

Seungri is also mentioned because the court had decided not to arrest this male singer after the interrogation on May 14th.

Earlier, the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Roh Tae-ak) confirmed the lower court’s original sentence of one and a half years in prison for Seungri at his appeal, who was indicted on charges of habitual gambling on the morning of May 26th.

Seungri was handed over to trial on charges of habitual gambling worth $1.883 million (approximately 2.221 billion won) over eight times from December 2013 to August 2017. At the time, Seungri participated in Baccarat gambling at a hotel casino in Las Vegas and bet between $500 and $25,000 per game.

In addition, in June 2017, Seungri violated the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act by not reporting to the financial authorities while borrowing chips worth $1 million (about 1,179.5 million won) needed for gambling.

From February 2015 to January 2016, Seungri was accused of arranging prostitution multiple times for foreign investors. He also allegedly posted nude photos in a Kakao Talk chat room with singer Jung Joon-young, who is serving his sentence. In addition, Seungri was indicted on nine charges, including running an unauthorized entertainment bar and misappropriation of funds from Yuri Holdings and the Burning Sun club.


After being indicted on January 30, 2020, Seungri enlisted in the army a month later and was tried at the military court for the first and second trial. Seungri was originally scheduled to be discharged on September 16, 2021. However, on August 12, 2021, after he was detained in court at the first trial, his discharge was put on hold as he was transferred to the Armed Forces Penitentiary as a soldier.

Seungri is expected to be released from prison in February 2023 after being jailed in Yeoju Prison for the remaining nine months of his sentence.

Source: nate

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