“I want to leave my company”… Chungha confessed dissatisfaction with her company to fans

Upon hearing Chungha’s complaints about her agency on a recent live broadcast, fans are raging at the poor management of MNH Entertainment.

I.O.I former member Chungha expressed dissatisfaction with her agency while holding a live broadcast on VLIVE on August 13th. The live broadcast was later deleted, causing fans to worry even more.

Chungha’s complaint started when a fan asked her about holding a world tour. At that time, a foreign fan commented, “World tour for queen Chungha”. 

In response, Chungha said, “It’s on my bucket list. I also want to do it”, adding “Why don’t you let me do it, MNH (her agency)?”.

A Korean fan then asked, “Are you leaving the company?”. Chungha honestly confessed, “I want to get out of there. Please let me go”, but shortly after then, she said, “Can I say this? I take that back”.

After that, the live broadcast was deleted. Upon hearing the news, fans began to question the recent changes in the management of MNH Entertainment, which was known as a good company among other idol fandoms. 

As a result, an article pointing out MNH Entertainment’s recent mistakes was posted on the online community Nate Pann on August 22nd, drawing keen attention.

The netizen who wrote the article explained, “They didn’t post any selfie of Chungha for ‘Sparkling’ promotion on music shows. Chungha only found out about it while doing a video call fansigning event after the promotion”, adding “Therefore, she uploaded about 200 photos on the same day. It turned out that Chungha sent her selfies to the agency but they didn’t post any of them. She also wondered why the selfies were not uploaded.”


Do your job MNH and take better care of Chungha!😠 #chungha #청하 #byulharang

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In particular, when a fan told Chunghar that her selfie was not posted at the video call fansigning event on August 5th, Chungha said, “I took some selfies and sent them to the company. They didn’t upload them?”. She continued, “Oh. they didn’t post them. Why didn’t the company post them?”, and smiled bitterly.

She added, “I’ll tell the company to upload all the selfies. I’m really angry”.

The netizen then expressed frustration, saying “Posts on Twitter and Instagram with spelling mistakes were deleted and uploaded again. Fans were also very angry because the teaser videos and photos were not uploaded on time”, adding “Chungha released 4 tracks as pre-release songs but the company didn’t promote them at all so no one knew about her comeback.”


Internet users on Nate Pann commented, “Didn’t the company do well before?”, “No wonder I didn’t know about her comeback but later found out her songs were already released”, “Chungha always takes good care of others. But isn’t this situation too serious? Please leave and move to a better company”, “The problem is that it is not only about not posting selfies but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Chungha herself cannot figure out what happened, which means that there have already been communication and system problems inside the company”, “She should go to an overseas agency where she can do music freely. She’s talented, but her current agency is not promoting her well”, etc.

Source: Wikitree

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