Park So-dam Confesses Difficulties During Thyroid Cancer Recovery, “I Couldn’t Control My Condition”

Actress Park So-dam talked about the recovery process after undergoing thyroid cancer surgery

Park So-dam attended the press conference of TVING’s drama “Death’s Game” at CGV Yongsan, Seoul on the morning of December 13th, and expressed her feelings about playing the role of Death in the drama.

After revealing that she had been battling cancer in 2021, Park So-dam underwent surgery. Thanks to great support from fans, she finally made her comeback on January 16th this year.

The actress said, “I think I’ve caused concern to so many people. I can say it myself now. To be honest, there were many difficulties during the recovery process. Those who have experienced similar pains will understand how I felt. There were ups and downs in my condition. Our emotional flows, physical strength, and everything were good, but at some point, we suddenly ran out of batteries.”

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Park So-dam continued, “When I received the casting offer for this project, my voice had not fully recovered. The director assured me that I had enough time to regain my voice before the filming and he would make sure that I could rest while filming. I felt very encouraged so I wanted to perform better”.

She added, “I couldn’t control the ups and downs in my condition on my own, but I felt like I gained superhuman strength from the filming. Acting was the thing I really wanted to do as actors always have the desire to stand in front of the camera or go on the stage, so it gave me the power. Many people helped me. My co-star Seo In-guk and the director showed great consideration for me, so I believed that I would be able to complete this project and you guys could see me in my best condition”.

Recalling when she just woke up from anesthesia after the surgery, Park So-dam confessed that she realized how precious life is.

“Death’s Game” is a reincarnation drama in which Choi Yi-jae (Seo In-guk) experiences deaths and lives 12 times due to the judgment of Death (Park So-dam) right before falling into Hell. Part 1 with 4 episodes will be unveiled simultaneously on December 15th and Part 2 release is scheduled for January 5th.

Source: Daum

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