Han Ga In confesses the difficulties of raising a son and a daughter, “My teeth all changed”

Han Ga In talked about the changes she underwent after having kids. 

Han Ga In appeared as a guest in SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, which aired on November 27th.

Han Ga-in

Han Ga In revealed that it was thanks to the children that she recently removed her mysticism and started entertainment activities. Han Ga In said, “There is a story about me, but there is also a role of children. I keep raising children and stay at home, and sometimes when I go out to work, the kids love it so much. They love it when their mother appears on TV. Usually, I never wear skirts, but during filming, I wear a skirt and let my hair down, and the kids love it.”

Han Ga-in

Han Ga In’s son doesn’t know about his mother’s job, but her daughter, the firstborn vaguely knows. Han Ga In said, “She doesn’t know exactly but my firstborn knows that her mother is a person who appears on TV. One day, we went to a department store. I was wearing a hat and mask, and the staff recognized me. The kids asked me, ‘How did they know you?’ I told them that their mother was a model of this drink. They told me, ‘Mom, you’re a model because you’re pretty.’”

Han Ga In also revealed the difference between her daughter and her son. She said that there was a big difference in raising two children, “My firstborn is a daughter, so I didn’t have any experience, and I thought all the kids were raised like this, but after giving birth to my second child, a son, I realized that I raised the first one too easily. I got hit by her in my sleep, it was to the point that my teeth all changed.” 

Sources: daum

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