Lee Jin Ho explained why Lee Seung Gi is in a disadvantageous situation amid his conflict with HOOK 

Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho continued to talk about the current situation of Lee Seung Gi, who is having a conflict with his agency.

On November 27th, Lee Jin Ho did a Youtube live broadcast titled “The reasons Lee Seung Gi is on the verge of falling into a difficult situation. The CEO’s moves that can give you goosebumps”.

On the broadcast, Lee Jin Ho argued, “Public opinion is on Lee Seung Gi’s side, but if we take a closer look at the situation, it is not advantageous to Lee Seung Gi”.

Lee Jin-ho

Lee Jin Ho pointed out “the silence of artists from the same agency” as the first reason. He said, “None of HOOK artists, including Lee Seo Jin, Youn Yuh Jung, Park Min Young and Lee Sun Hee, is standing up for Lee Seung Gi”.

As for the second reason, Lee Jin Ho said, “It’s CEO Kwon Jin Young’s power”. He explained, “CEO Kwon is a famous figure in showbiz. Her power has a great influence on both the music and broadcasting industries. Many broadcasting companies are wary of CEO Kwon”. He continued, “According to some officials, the relationship between PD Na Young Seok and CEO Kwon is also very strong. Many artists under HOOK, such as Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seo Jin and Youn Yuh Jung, have appeared on entertainment shows produced by PD Na Young Seok”.

Lee Jin-ho

Lee Jin Ho then mentioned CEO Kwon’s wealth, saying, “Her verified assets alone are worth tens of billions of won”. 

In addition, the Youtuber revealed that HOOK already had meetings with Kim & Chang and Lee & Ko, the best law firms in Korea. He claimed, “This fact is enough to show CEO Kwon’s strong will to appoint the best law firm in Korea as their legal representative in this controversy”.

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Lee Jin Ho said, “Of course, Lee Seung Gi is also responding through Bae, Kim & Lee, which is also a good law firm”, adding “Since this is not a simple reconciliation, the situation is not easy for Lee Seung Gi to handle”.

Regarding the third reason, Lee Jin Ho mentioned “human element”. He said, “The controversy started with a problem that happened to only Lee Seung Gi. However, he seems to be in great pain due to the fact that he was hurt by people who had been with him like family members for 18 years”. 

Source: Nate

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