Reasons why the public is getting bored of Song Hye-gyo’s unchanging acting method

Song Hye-gyo’s acting method is still the same, which is acting pretty in a very narrow spectrum. Will she be able to take off the label with her first revenge drama “The Glory”? 

The word ‘consistent’ has a positive meaning. However, when evaluating an actor’s acting skills, the fact that they are consistent can be both a compliment and a criticism. It is safe to choose a similar role every time, but consistency does not give a fresh feeling.  

Song Hye-kyo has always been called the “Melodrama Queen”. She has only been in romance dramas in the past decade, and her emotional acting, an essential element of melodrama, is excellent. Song Hye-kyo’s smooth emotional lines and tears falling from her big eyes have always been loved among viewers. In addition, all of her dramas such as “Encounter” (2019), “Descendants of the Sun” (2016), “That Winter, The Wind Blows” (2013), “Worlds Within” (2008) were hit, and Song Hye-kyo naturally secured her “Melodrama Queen” position. 

song hye kyo jang ki yong

Having no novelty is a task she must face. Since she chooses a similar character every time, it is boring and not adventurous at all, which leads to no expectation from the audience. It’s okay to watch, but it’s hard for the viewer to decide to start. A beautiful appearance with a chic personality, a successful career woman, a woman who is not obsessed with love, and a woman with a fatal charm that make the male protagonist fall in love with her but she actually has a hidden pain, Song Hye-kyo’s character all have the same motif. 

Her role is no different in the SBS drama “Now, We’re Breaking Up“, which she chose as her return drama three years after the divorce. Although she is a pretty and popular designer, he has a hidden wound of love. Compared to the previous tvN drama “Encounter”, there is not much difference in her characters.  

song hye kyo

Even if the characters seem to be similar, they may appear differently depending on the actor’s personal acting skill. However, it is true that Song Hye-kyo doesn’t have a wide acting spectrum because she tends to express different characters with the same way of acting. There were not many changes in her acting as well as her character styling. Choosing only the genre that she can do well is a smart strategy, but this is also the reason why controversies over her acting skills arise every time she has a new project.

The answer to the problem lies in her past. In the early days of her debut, Song Hye-kyo showed different aspects unlike now. In “Soonpoong Clinic“, she showcased her immature and lively acting while in ‘“Autumn in My Heart”, she played an innocent and dreamy Eun-seo. She transformed into a pure Min Soo-yeon in “All In”, and displayed her outgoing and cute side in “Full House”.

song hye kyo
song hye kyo

From some point on, Song Hye-kyo has only stuck to her chic and elegant image.

When the other top actresses like Kim Tae-hee and Jun Ji-hyun have shown their transformations in acting, Song Hye-kyo just stayed still. Jun Ji-hyun, who was called a CF-type actress, has been recognized for her various challenges in different roles such as a top star, a mermaid and a disabled civil servant regardless of the genre of action, romance or historical drama. Kim Tae-hee, who was criticized for her acting, also received favorable reviews for playing a ghost mom in “Hi Bye, Mama!”.

Go Hyun-jung and Lee Young-ae are also expanding their spectrum through acting transformations. Go Hyun-jung is playing a dark and heavy role as the daughter-in-law of a rich family who is descended from a poor family in “Reflection of You”. Lee Young-ae is also showing a completely different charm from her previous image with her messy hair and training clothes in “Inspector Koo”.

Gong Hyo-jin, who was criticized for her acting pattern and styling like Song Hye-kyo, also erased the stereotypes regarding her by challenging various characters such as an ugly woman, a single mother and a psychiatrist.

Even if a style looks good and pretty on you, you will still get tired of wearing it every day. If a costume doesn’t suit you at the moment, you need to try and eventually turn it into your own style. Being greedy in portraying a variety of images can lead to developments. 

song hye kyo

Song Hye-kyo has lots of different ‘clothes’. Even though she could digest those outfits well, it’s too bad that she doesn’t wear them regularly. Song Hye-kyo chose “The Glory“, which is introduced as a revenge genre drama, as her next work. It seems like she has decided to try on a new ‘outfit’. Would Song Hye-kyo be able to throw away her luxurious outfits with high heels and change her image?


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