BIGBANG G-Dragon: covered his entire body with luxury goods, boasted Chanel lip and teeth piercing

Famous singer and fashion icon G-Dragon continued to show off his unconventional style.

On June 13th, G-Dragon posted a video on his Instagram with the caption “XXXIBGDRGN”.

The video shows a photoshoot of the BIGBANG member, where he could be seen having piercings on the lips and teeths. Both the ornaments also came from the luxury designer house Chanel. 

On G-Dragon’s Instagram, which is followed by over 21 million users, netizens left comments such as “It’s amazing” and “It’s really cool”, admiring the piercings. 

G-Dragon recently made a comeback in May with his group BIGBANG, where they released the single “Still Life” – their first group work in 4 years. 

Source: Insight

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