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“Aren’t you tired of IVE’s songs?” Rei refuses her own girl group on “The Game Caterers”

Ahn Yoo Jin did a straightforward hit toward producer Na Young Seok.

On November 6, tvN’s entertainment program “The Game Caterers 2” featured an autumn picnic with Starship Entertainment artists.

the game caterers 2

On this day, Actor Team 1, Actor Team 2, Team MONSTA X, Team Solo Singer, IVE, CRAVITY, and WJSN left for the picnic by bus together.

After Producer Na asked them to write a song request for each team, various song requests poured out from the artists.

In particular, Rei asked Yoo Yeon Seok, “Does ‘Narco-Saints’ have any OST?” When Yoo Yeon Seok replied, “There is no such thing,” Rei asked back, “Then only the ‘dun dun dun’ sounds come out in the series?” and made Yoo Yeon Seok laugh.

the game caterers 2

When WJSN Seol A said, “We should have some IVE’s songs,” Rei honestly replied, “Aren’t you tired of IVE’s?” making everyone laugh.

the game caterers 2

Despite Rei’s rejection (?), IVE’s “Love Dive” started out of the blue, creating a dance floor. Lee Kwang-soo revealed, “While everyone is following the choreography, Song Seung Heon is there clapping by himself.”

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