Amidst filming schedules in Mongolia, Hyun Bin must have been very happy to hear the news of Son Ye Jin giving birth to their son healthily

Son Ye Jin gave birth to her first son. However, her husband Hyun Bin was busy filming overseas.

On November 27th, Son Ye Jin’s agency said, Son Ye Jin gave birth to her child today”, adding, “Both the mother and the baby boy are healthy”.

Hyun Bin is currently filming his new movie “Harbin” (directed by Woo Min Ho/ distributed by CJ ENM/ produced by Hive Media). Taking on the role of lieutenant general Ahn Jung Geun, Hyun Bin is expected to show acting with diverse emotions, such as anxiety and responsibility, through the independence movement that took the life of those living in the era when their homeland was being taken away.

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The first shooting of “Harbin” began in Mongolia on November 20th.

As Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are recognized as celebrities with top visuals, attention is already focused on how handsome their son will be. Korean and overseas fans are also pouring out congratulations and warm messages for the couple.

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Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin directly announced the news of her pregnancy through SNS in June. The actress said, “I’m still puzzled, but I’m feeling the changes in my body day by day amid the anxiety and excitement”. Son Ye Jin also said, “We would like to deliver this news as soon as possible to our fans and people around us who are waiting for this news as much as we do”, revealing that she was cautious about announcing her pregnancy. Lastly, she said, “We will protect this precious life”.

Source: Nate

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