Hyun Bin’s new movie “Harbin” successfully cast an impressive lineup and will begin filming this month

The filming of the movie “Harbin”, starring Hyun Bin, will start on November 20th.

On November 17th, CJ ENM reported that the movie “Harbin”, starring Hyun Bin would begin filming in earnest from November 20th.

Set in 1990 in Harbin, China, this film depicts the story of independence fighters who went to reclaim their stolen homeland. 

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Hyun Bin will appear as Ahn Jung Geun, a lieutenant general of the Korean military force.

Apart from Hyun Bin, actors Park Jung Min, Jeon Yeo Bin, Jo Woo Jin, Yoo Jae Myung and Park Hoon also joined the cast. In particular, Park Jung Min took the role of independence fighter Woo Deok Sun, while Jeon Yeo Bin plays a student who participates in the independence army. Jo Woo Jin will transform into independence activist Kang Sang Hyun, and Yoo Jae Myung appears as Choi Jae Hyung, a helper of Ahn Jung Geun. In addition, Park Hoon will play a Japanese character named Tatsuo Mori.

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Director Woo Min Ho, who created “Inside Men” (2015), “The Drug King” (2018) and “The Man Standing Next” (2020), took the megaphone to direct “Harbin”.

During an event held at Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall on November 14th before the movie shooting begins, director Woo said, “Since the way I approach this film, my mindset and the story I want to tell through it are different to that of my previous work, I’m nervous but excited at the same time.”

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Hyun Bin also shared, “After making my decision to participate in this project, I went to Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall alone”, adding “There was a heavy thrill in my heart at that time. I will do my best together with many amazing actors and staff.”

Park Jung Min added, “I feel very pressured playing a work that deals with heroes in Korean history. I will work hard to not be ashamed of myself.”

Source: wikitree

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