“Chew while filming…” A popular actress who has been struggling for 10 years because she can’t stop chewing quit-smoking gum

Actress Kim Soo Mi revealed that she is suffering from not being able to stop chewing quit-smoking gum.

Recently, a video titled “Kim Soo Mi’s swearing call for students” was posted on the YouTube channel “thebogi”. In the video, Kim Soo Mi and Shin Hyun Joon appeared and shared various stories.

Kim Soo-mi

In the video, Shin Hyun Joon called Kim Soo Mi “mom” and said, “I’m sorry that I recommended the quit-smoking gum to you”.

In response, Kim Soo Mi confessed, “I can’t stop chewing it”, adding “Tell me how to stop chewing the gum”, drawing laughter. Shin Hyun Joon replied, “I’ve been chewing it for 8 years”. Kim Soo Mi said, “I’ve been doing that for over 10 years”.

Kim Soo-mi
Kim Soo-mi

Shin Hyun Joon said, “I think my jawline will fly off (if I chew non-smoking gum). You know that feeling right? Because it’s hard.” Kim Soo Mi then took out the non-smoking gum she was already chewing from her mouth and laughed.

Kim Soo Mi said, “I chew two pieces of non-smoking gum and put it in both gums and record it. It looks like I got Botox.” She continued, “I use it even when I go to sleep”, adding “Every time I open a new one, Hyun Joon curses at it”, drawing laughter.

Source: Insight

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