TREASURE fandom frustrated by the group’s intense Japan schedules and YG’s indifference to member’s health

TREASURE fans, Teume, remain dissatisfied with YG’s ongoing mismanagement toward their boy group TREASURE.

Recently, Teume, TREASURE’s fandom, was reportedly displeased with TREASURE’s upcoming schedule when YG Entertainment announced an additional fan-meeting schedule throughout Japan in September.


From the end of last November, TREASURE was on a tour in Japan that lasted until the beginning of January. The group continued on an Asian tour from March to May and joined the High-touch event from April 29th to May 4th. TREASURE has, currently, filled their schedule in July and August.

It reached a breaking point for the fandom when YG Entertainment announced additional dates for fan meetings in September. Fans worry about the well-being of their idols and are extremely dissatisfied with YG’s management of TREASURE’s activities. In addition, fans hope that TREASURE can make a comeback to Korea in the future and have time to look after their well-being. The YG boy group’s latest comeback in Korea was 7 months ago with the title song “HELLO” from the EP “The Second Step: Chapter Two” released at the beginning of October. There have not been any teasers for an upcoming comeback.

Netizens’ comments:

  • Even Japanese fans are calling them to stop coming by.
  • If TREASURE made a comeback in June or July, their schedule will be so heavy.
  • Two fan meetings in one day, for two days in a row, they will be overworked…
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