Jessie shed tears seeing her mother from the U.S coming to see her on a show… “Be happy, my cool daughter”

Jessi, Sunwoo Jung-a, Say Sue Me and Ha Hyun-woo will appear as guests on the broadcast of KBS2’s “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook”, which is scheduled to air on April 15th.

The “one and only musicianJessi came to “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook”. Jessi drew explosive reactions right from her first performance of the song “Cold Blooded”, which is the song made in collaboration with the famous program “Street Woman Fighter”.

Especially, the dance crew Lachica, which created the choreography of Jessi’s new song “ZOOM”, is said to have joined the show, raising expectations.

During her conversation with Yoo Hee-yeol, Jessi also showed off her great talking skills as an “entertainment bulldozer” and a “talk bomber”. Jessi, who has been hosting “Jessi’s Showterview” for two years, drew attention as she said she often comes to the recording studio before every shoot to check the guests’ condition first. Jessi said, “If they are not in a good mood, I will tease them more”, making everyone burst into laughter with her unexpected joke.


She added, “I will try to be more friendly and playful to match the guests’ tension”, revealing her know-how as an MC.

In addition, Jessi’s mother surprised everyone as she suddenly appeared as an audience. Jessi’s mother, who recently came to Korea from the U.S to meet her daughter, held up a sketchbook that said, “Be happy, my cool daughter”, showing her warm support for her daughter Jessi. 

Looking at her mother, Jessi kept on trying to hold back her tears, creating an emotional scene. It is expected that Jessi would sing the song “STAR”, which contains the stories about her mother, right at the show.

The live performances of the “one and only singer” Jessi, the “musician of musicians” Sunwoo Jung – the “music leader” Ha Hyun-woo, “representative band from Busan” Say Sue Me will be available to be seen on KBS2TV’s “Yoo hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” at 11:20 p.m on Friday, April 15th.

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