Actor Jung Sung Il named “Korea’s Tony Leung” after starring in “The Glory”

Jung Sung Il gained many modifiers after making an impressive appearance in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Netflix drama “The Glory” has been arousing hot topics and creating heated online discussions since its global release on December 30th last year. Actor Jung Sung Il plays the role of Ha Do Young in this work.

On the TV-OTT buzzworthy drama cast rankings announced by Good Data Corporation on January 9th, Jung Sung Il ranked 5th, following the main cast Song Hye Kyo, Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun. In addition, his popularity was also recognized through various nicknames and modifiers that netizens gave him after watching the drama.

“The Glory” tells the story of a woman, whose soul was broken due to the experience of school violence during her childhood, spending her whole life carefully preparing to take revenge and those who fell into the whirlwind of her revenge plan. Jung Sung Il perfectly pulled off the character Ha Do Young, who faces the secret of his wife Park Yeon Jin (Lim Yeon Jin) and gets involved in the revenge plan designed by Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo).

After the drama was released, Jung Sung Il’s name was mentioned in numerous online topics along with new nicknames. Showing off his gentle yet dark sexiness and gave viewers the feeling of watching “In the Mood for Lover” in every scene Do Young meets Dong Eun, Jung Sung Il is receiving compliments under many different nicknames and modifiers, such as “Korea’s Tony Leung”, “chaebol poisonous man”, “adult sexy”, etc.

“The Glory” director Ahn Gil Ho also praised Jung Sung Il, saying “When meeting Jung Sung Il for the first time, I told him, ‘I hope you can become an actor like Tony Leung in Korea’. I think he will become a great actor”.

In addition, Kim Eun Sook commented, “This character faces the biggest fall in his life, and he (Jung Sung Il) expressed it so well”, adding “He perfectly digested the character, looking cold when he is serious and nice when he smiles. His voice is especially attractive. His lines sound amazing no matter how I wrote them. I want to thank him for that.” The writer even added more nicknames for Jung Sung Il, such as “a nice bastard”, “man with a honey voice”, etc.

Jung Sung Il has marked the beginning of 2023 with a successful character. Attention is focused on his performance when enjoying his heyday.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” Part 2 will be released in March.

Source: Daum

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