Emma Watson’s surprising attitude towards “Harry Potter” director was revealed 

People are expressing surprise at “this action” of Emma Watson behind the scenes of the “Harry Potter” filming set. 

As a classic franchise to millions of audiences around the world, “Harry Potter” has never seen declines in popularity. Even now, topics revolving around the cast members of the “Harry Potter” movies circulated, and Emma Watson is no exception. Recently, a video that shows Emma Watson’s true personality on the set of the 2001 movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is gaining attention.

Emma Watson Harry Potter

In particular, the video shows Emma Watson filming for the scene of her character, Hermione, meeting Harry and Ron while traveling on the train to Hogwarts during the trio’s first year. At the time, Ron was trying to cast magic with his wand, when Hermione barged in to find Neville’s toad. Seeing Ron’s poor attempt at magic, Hermione can’t help but roll her eyes. 

Hermione’s first meeting with Harry and Ron
Hermione’s first meeting with Harry and Ron

At the time, director Chris Columbus spoke up, thinking that Emma Watson was saying the wrong dialogue. According to the director, Hermione was supposed to fix Harry’s glasses using magic. However, Emma Watson immediately argued that that scene hasn’t come, and signaled that Hermoine only just appeared. 

Chris Columbus told Emma Watson that she was wrong
Chris Columbus told Emma Watson that she was wrong
But Emma Watson reminded the director that he was wrong instead.
But Emma Watson reminded the director that he was wrong instead.

Seeing that a child actress dared to correct the director and be more accurate, Chris Columbus fumbled a little. However, he soon admitted to his mistake, and the filming went on as normal. Now, over 20 years later, netizens are looking back fondly at this scene, and express admiration for Emma Watson. They even compared Emma Watson to Hermione, who is known for her knowledge. 

“Isn’t this the Emma Watson and Chris Columbus’s version of the ‘Leviosa scene’”, one audience member joked.  

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Emma Watson is truly the real life version of Hermione
  • Don’t correct her! She probably has the entire script memorized 
  • It was hilarious to see the expression of the director when he realized he was in the wrong
  • The fact that Emma later tried out directing herself makes this even more funny

Emma Watson’s viral moment behind the scenes of “Harry Potter”

It is known that Emma Watson was not the first choice of J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter” author, for the role of Hermione. At the time, Rowling thought that Emma was too pretty, but eventually gave the actress a chance. Time has proven the author’s decision a right one, as Emma Watson is now one of the top stars in Hollywood. 

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