Kwon Jin Ah’s health, the red light turned on once again

The red light turned on once again regarding singer Kwon Jin Ah’s health.

Kwon Jin Ah said through her Instagram on Jan 11th, “I look very strong, but I have a weak constitution, so I suffered from a virus and had to go to an emergency room due to abdominal pain.

She continued, “I don’t know if a great album is going to come out. I’m on my way to record the first vocal for the album. Wish me good luck.

Kwon Jin Ah instagram

Previously, in 2021, Kwon Jin Ah confessed that she suffered from an eating disorder after going back and forth between anorexia and bulimia for 4 years due to an extreme diet. At that time, she released a photo of her 167cm and 48kg days, saying, “My body has all kinds of psychoses. I still remember the nights when I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid of the food in my stomach rather than losing my voice.

Fans showed reactions such as “Don’t be sick“, “Health comes before work“, “Signs of a great album coming out“…

Kwon Jin Ah instagram

Kwon Jin Ah made her name known by appearing on SBS’ “K-pop Star 3” in 2013. She later signed an exclusive contract with Antenna Music and debuted in 2016. She released songs such as “The End”, “Tell Me About Your Day”, “I Got Lucky” and “PINK!”.

Kwon Jin Ah later gained public attention as a member of “WSG Wannabe”, a project group from the MBC entertainment show “Hangout with Yoo”. Kwon Jin Ah, along with Navi, SOLE, and Eom Ji Yoon, belong to the unit Sa-Fire, which gained great popularity with the song “I Missed You” (composed by Cho Young Soo).

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