Lee Sang-woo, Kim So-yeon’s husband and a soon-to-be father, showed his excitement when making snow ducks

Lee Sang-woo revealed his current situation of enjoying making snow ducks.

On the evening of January 25th, actor Lee Sang-woo posted several photos on his Instagram and wrote “snow duck” in his caption.

Kim So-yeon husband

The released pictures showed Lee Sang-woo doing some poses with a ‘snow duck’ maker while wearing gloves. Lee Sang-woo boasted his small face and slim physique while paying attention to making snow ducks. Several snow ducks that seem to be made by Lee Sang-woo together with Kim So-yeon caught the eyes of fans. Soon-to-be father Lee Sang-woo also showed his reliable side.

Kim So-yeon husband

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-woo married actress Kim So-yeon in 2017. In addition, TV Chosun’s Saturday-Sunday ongoing mini-series “Uncle”, starring Lee Sang-woo, tells the story of an uncle who takes care of his nephew, an elementary school student who has an anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, because of his sister’s divorce.

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