Kim Hye Jun selected for the lead role in new drama “The Killer’s Shopping Mall”

Kim Hye Jun has confirmed her appearance in “The Killer’s Shopping Mall”. 

Kim Hye Jun’s agency announced on January 27, “Kim Hye Jun has confirmed her role in the drama ‘The Killer’s Shopping Mall (tentative title)’.”

The Killer’s Shopping Mall” is based on writer Kang Ji Young’s novel of the same name and tells the story of a girl who lost her parents and grew up with her uncle, the owner of a shopping mall. After her uncle’s sudden death, she tracks down the killer among the customers of the shopping mall.

Kim Hye-jun

Kim Hye Jun plays Jung Ji Ahn, a girl who loses her parents at a young age and is raised by her unusual uncle. She struggles to face a new truth after her uncle passed away. Kim Hye Jun will lead the drama with her stable acting skills.

“The Killer’s Shopping Mall” will start filming this year, and which platform it will be released on is still under discussion.

Source: Daum. 

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