TWICE’s Dahyun – A multi-talented and rich female idol with trademark “tofu skin”

Let’s find out more about Dahyun – one of the most outstanding TWICE members. 

TWICE is one of the top K-pop girl groups at the moment.  Among the members, Dahyun is one of the most popular. 

TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun – a pretty and talented member of TWICE

In 2015, Dahyun participated in the survival show SIXTEEN held by JYP Entertainment and earned the ticket to debut in TWICE. Since the early days of her debut, the female idol has attracted much attention with her pretty visuals. Dahyun has charming monolids that are rare in K-pop. Every time she laughs, her adorable eye smile melts fans’ hearts. 

TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun has a signature eye smile 
TWICE Dahyun
Every time the female idol smiles, it makes fans’ hearts flutter 

Dahyun also has extremely fair and healthy skin.  Famous makeup artist LULU Jia once chose Dahyun as the member with the best skin in TWICE, “Because Dahyun’s skin is so flawless, there is no color that doesn’t suit her. Dahyun doesn’t need to use foundation when she gets her makeup done. Instead, we only use sunscreen to protect her skin, and then apply blush on.”

TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun’s fair skin makes her “glow” 
TWICE Dahyun
The female idol’s bare face makes fans admire.  

In addition to being beautiful, Dahyun is also a talented idol.  Not only working as TWICE’s rapper, she also tried her hand in many fields such as hosting, reality shows, and advertising.  Dahyun used to take on the role of hosting jTBC’s weather forecast and many other music shows and programs.  In addition, the female idol is currently an ambassador and advertising face for many brands such as: A’pieu, Lemona.

TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun is currently a representative of many brands
TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun is the MC of jTBC’s weather report.
TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun participated in many shows in Korea.

Dahyun is also known as a musician.  The female idol is judged by many experts and audiences to have an absolute sense of melody.  Therefore, her musical talent is also very good.  It is known that Dahyun has participated in composing and producing for many albums of TWICE such as TWICETAGRAM, Feel Special, Eyes Wide Open, Taste Of Love and Formula of Love: O+T=<3.

TWICE Dahyun
Dahyun participated in TWICE’s music production

Dahyun is not only gorgeous and talented, but she is also wealthy. Dahyun has a net worth of up to 1.5 million USD, according to This is the outcome of the female idol’s many years of hard work. Experts believe that her fortune will grow even more as a result of TWICE’s stellar reputation.

At the age of 23, Dahyun has a career that many admire.  Because of Dahyun’s talent, beauty, and dedication to art, fans love her even more.


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