“Stan attractor” Jinni abruptly leaves NMIXX and JYP: Netizens are having mixed reactions 

The news of Jinni’s departure from NMIXX and JYP came as a shock to many. 

On December 10, netizens were shocked by the news that Jinni had left NMIXX and terminated her contract with JYP due to personal reasons. 

nmixx Jinni

Netizens are having mixed reactions to this sudden news. Jinni trained for a long time at JYP and is one of the most outstanding NMIXX members with a huge potential. She is dubbed NMIXX’s “stan attractor” alongside Sullyoon. So her leaving less than a year into NMIXX’s debut causes much regret. 


However, there are also netizens who think leaving could benefit Jinni because JYP has been wasting her talent by giving NMIXX songs that are too experimental and public-unfriendly. 

Some comments from netizens:

  • I’m shocked and I’m not even a fan. I hope Jinni succeeds in her new path. 
  • Honestly this is understandable. She trained with Somi for a long time, debuted in NMIXX but JYP has been wasting the girls’ time and talent. 
  • NMIXX has no future with the kind of music they are releasing. I can see why she leaves. 
  • JYP obviously neglected ITZY to focus on NMIXX, but one of the most popular members has left.
  • It’s such a pity, I hope Jinni becomes more successful in the future.
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