Jinni’s departure is only 10 days after NMIXX won a rookie award + She showed no sign of leaving: What happened? 

Fans and netizens’ attention is focused on the background of Jinni’s shocking departure from NMIXX. 

On December 9th, JYP Entertainment announced, “Jinni, who has been with NMIXX as a member, has left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated her exclusive contract. With Jinni’s departure from NMIXX, the group will continue their activities as a 6-member group.


Fans are shocked by the sudden news of Jinni’s departure. She left only 10 days after NMIXX won the Favorite New Artist Award at the 2022 MAMA Awards on November 29th, the group’s first year-end award since their debut.

At the time, Jinni also expressed joy to the fans, saying, “Thank you. I hope to continue making good memories in the future. There are so many happy memories during this promotion. I became an idol to do this.”


Many fans find Jinni suddenly leaving NMIXX due to “personal reasons” is not convincing. They say it is difficult to believe she left voluntarily, because Jinni has a special affection for NMIXX, as she went through a long trainee period to be able to debut.

In addition, NMIXX’s cumulative album sales exceeded 1 million copies in less than a year of debut. The group is performing well, so Jinni’s withdrawal is somewhat incomprehensible.

Some fans also expressed frustration with JYP Entertainment for not revealing the reason for Jinni’s departure in detail, causing many rumors to spark. 


Some artists left their groups or agencies even when their exclusive contracts had not expired, and they made rather long explanations in their announcements. However, JYP’s position, which ended without a detailed reason for Jinni’s withdrawal, left a disappointment as it even created a fuss that aroused public speculations.

On the other hand, some believe that this is the best position statement that the agency can make. Since various relationships are involved in their business and the issues of leaving a group or signing an exclusive contract are quite sensitive, it is impossible for the company to explain everything in detail. This withdrawal is due to the member’s personal reasons and it is rude if the company comes forward and reveals that member’s personal circumstances to the public.

From the perspective of an agency, JYP also showed support for Jinni’s future, saying “We apologize for causing concern to fans with this sudden news. Please give encouragement to Jinni, who is now walking on a new path.”


Meanwhile, many people are emphasizing the changes in the idol industry environment nowadays. In the past, idol group members left their teams mostly due to social or moral controversies, but in the past few years, they quit with their own will due to personal circumstances. These comments are based on the structure of the K-pop system, which is now much wider than before, and the competitions between idols, which has gotten fiercer.

In addition, even if idols debut after training for a long time, the reality they face can be completely different from their expectations. An official in the music industry explained, “Many idol group members are worrying because the reality is different from the debut they dreamed of. Some quickly make a decision, judging that the longer they hesitate, the more variables may happen in the future. If they continue even though they know it’s not the right path for them, they will have no choice but to spend more time with the team in the future. Making a quick and early decision can help them reduce the damage they cause to their agency and team members.”

Source: Nate

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