Red Velvet’s Seulgi praises Wendy’s English opening greeting as “sexy”

Red Velvet greets overseas fans at their concert

On the 2nd, girl group Red Velvet greeted their overseas fans at their fourth solo concert, “Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V,” held at KSPO DOME (formerly known as the Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium) in Bangi-dong, Seoul.


After finishing their opening performance, Red Velvet introduced the concert by saying, “Today’s performance will also be available on Beyond Live.”

Wendy greeted overseas fans in English, saying, “We’re also doing Beyond Live. I’d like to say a brief hello to our overseas fans.” Seulgi complimented Wendy’s English, saying “You look sexier when you speak English,” and Wendy made a joke, saying “My gaze softens.”

Red Velvet prepared colorful stages for their concert, incorporating both the bright and lively “Red” concept and the sophisticated mood of the “Velvet” concept, fitting the concert’s “R to V” title.

Source: nate

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