“The Glory” Park Sung Hoon used to star in a legendary drama with 40% rating

While interest in “The Glory” cast is still high, viewers bring back the past roles of Park Sung Hoon to re-examine.

Park Sung Hoon acted with actor Yeo Jin Goo in MBC’s popular TV series “Moon Embracing the Sun” in 2012.

park sung hoon

In this drama, Park Sung Hoon played an “enthusiastic man” who tripped and fell while playing ball with Crown Prince Lee Hwon (Yeo Jin Goo). Hurting the Crown Prince while playing too passionately, he was caught by the King’s retainers.

park sung hoon

“Enthusiastic man” begged for the King’s mercy, saying “Your Highness. There was a misunderstanding, Your Highness”. Seeing this, Lee Hwon said, “Don’t you all stop? Let him go now”, giving an order to the retainers.

Park Sung Hoon’s character bowed his head and asked for forgiveness once again, saying “Your Highness. Just kill me”.

Upon knowing that Park Sung Hoon appeared in “Moon Embracing the Sun”, many drama fans were greatly surprised.

park sung hoon

In response, netizens commented, “Though it was a supporting role, how could it be named ‘enthusiastic man’?”, “Park Sung Hoon worked so hard”, etc.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Moon Embracing the Sun” was a hit drama that year as it even achieved an impressive nationwide viewer rating of 42.2% (based on Nielsen Korea’s data).

Source: Insight

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