Bona of ‘Joseon Attorney: A Morality’ voted as the most beautiful actress in current Korean dramas

The beauty of Bona in her new drama is sure to captivate fans.

If asked to name the most beautiful actress in current Korean dramas, many people would probably answer Bona – the female lead of the newly released work “Joseon Attorney: A Morality”.


In the drama, she plays Princess Lee Yeon Joo, who cares deeply for her country and its people. In order to seek revenge for her father, she has to learn how to hide her true identity under the fake name Sowon. The first time Lee Yeon Joo meets the male lead Kang Han Su (Woo Do Hwan) is when she seeks him out as part of her plan.

The main couple in the drama “Joseon Attorney: A Morality” – Source: MBC

It is known that this is Bona’s first time appearing in a historical drama. With her stunning appearance, it is believed that the 1995-born actress has made many fans “fall in love”:

Bona is extremely beautiful in her traditional costume – Source: MBC
Bona not only possesses beauty but also a noble aura – Source: MBC
It is hoped that the drama “Joseon Attorney: A Morality” starring Bona will be a success – Source: MBC

The drama “Joseon Attorney: A Morality” airs every Friday and Saturday on MBC.

Source: k14

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