Fans laugh at BTS Jin’s joke about military service under J-Hope’s recent post, “Are you smiling?”

Jin made fans laugh by teasing J-Hope, who has just announced his active-duty service enlistment.

After announcing his enlistment on April 1st, J-Hope went on the fan community Weverse and left the message, “Have a nice weekend. Don’t worry too much. Love you, ARMY!”.


In response, member Jin, who is already serving in the military, made everyone laugh by replying J-Hope with the comment, “Are you smiling?”.

Another member Jimin saw the post and added the comment, “You’re crazy, hyung. Stop playing around”.

However, Jin didn’t stop his joke and replied Jimin, “You won’t be able to smile soon either”. 


When Jimin left a crying face emoticon, Jin said, “But it’s also not funny to me”, drawing laughter again. 

Meanwhile, J-Hope announced that he had submitted his application for the cancellation of his military service postponement last month and has been taking steps to fulfill his duty. 

Following the eldest member Jin, who joined the army in December last year, J-Hope will be the second member of BTS to enlist.

Source: Insight

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