EXO Kai addicted to the secondhand market? Expert on reselling platform

According to EXO member Kai, he is always actively using Carrot Market, a Korean secondhand marketplace platform. 

Elle Korea posted a video titled “What are the chances of making a cool deal with Kai on Carrot Market? Less than three texts! Including shipping fees! Discount? Sure” on the 5th.

In the video, Kai began by introducing his favorite items. In particular, he started by introducing his favorite drink, a Starbucks Cold Brew Oat Latte, before moving on to a Chelsea FC Cap, a YSL hand cream, and earphones.


Finally, Kai took out a LEGO set as one of his cherished items and added, “If Lego doesn’t exist, half of my life… not half, but about 20% would disappear. Lego became that important in my life.”

Kai also revealed that he’s always actively checking Carrot Market (a marketplace platform for used items in Korea) to see what new products have come out and what past products have been released.

The male idol then said with a laugh, “I get lots of notifications. It’s all from Carrot Market. I wish I get different notifications sometimes. But no, it’s all Carrot Market.”

In addition, Kai emphasized that he will sell the products with very good prices, making for “a cool deal” with below 3 messages, including delivery fee, and possible negotiation. 

Source: Naver

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