The actress who cried when Jang Nara won an award: Rose to fame after playing a detestable character 

She is not yet a familiar name, but her visuals and acting skills are impressive. 

At the 2019 SBS Drama Awards, the cast and crew of “VIP” unexpectedly took home many wins. When Jang Nara won the Best Actress selected by Producers award against heavy competitors like Suzy, Jo Jung Suk, Ji Sung…, an actress sitting in the audience couldn’t hold back her tears. This touching and beautiful moment drew much attention at the time. So who is she? 

Pyo Ye Jin was born in 1992. She has been active in the entertainment industry for 10 years. She started acting at the age of 20 in “Here Come Mr. Oh”. She also played supporting characters in well-known dramas such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”, “When You Were Sleeping”, “Fight For My Way”,… However, it was not until Pyo Ye Jin took on an antagonistic role in “VIP” that she truly made a name for herself. 

In “VIP”, Pyo Ye Jin plays Oh Yoo Ri, an employee who always acts pitiful in front of Na Jung Sun, her boss. However, behind Na Jung Sun’s back, Oh Yoo Ri silently sabotages her family’s happiness as he is in love with her husband. 

Thanks to her excellent portrayal of Oh Yoo Ri in “VIP”, Pyo Ye Jin won the Best Character award at the SBS Drama Awards. 

However, after “VIP”, in the last 1-2 years, Pyo Ye Jin has barely appeared in new works. She only had guest appearances in some dramas such as “Taxi Driver” and “Lovestruck in the City”. Many viewers are looking forward to her comeback in a more outstanding role. 

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