Jungmo: “TVXQ was called ‘Dream Team’ within SM before their debut”

Singer Jungmo mentioned TVXQ’s pre-debut anecdote.

Jungmo appeared on KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Gi-kwang’s Gayo Plaza”, which aired on July 31st.

On this day, Jungmo appeared in the “Do you remember this song?” section. He said, “I’m running towards the final performance of the musical ‘Volume Up’. There was a time when the guitar strings broke while acting.”

He recommended Jung Jae-wook’s “Season in The Sun” as a song representing summer. He showed off his wide knowledge of the music industry by introducing, “Jung Jae-wook was in the same agency as Jo Sung-mo, and he debuted as an unknown singer. After that, his second album ‘Goodbye’ became a hit.”

Jungmo also recommended TVXQ‘s “Hi Ya Ya (Summer Day)” and recalled, “When we were in the same agency, TVXQ boasted that they were leaving for Bora Bora Island.”

He explained, “TVXQ debuted as the first Acappella dance group in Korea. Before the team name was decided, TVXQ was called ‘Dream Team’ within SM.”

Source: daum

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