“Snowdrop” arrived at a sad ending, the rating reached the 3% range; what a waste of Jisoo’s tears!

“Snowdrop”’s viewer rating cannot rise much despite reaching the end.

On Jan 39th, “Snowdrop” starring BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jung Hae In has aired both the 15th and 16th episodes on the same day. According to Nielsen Korea, the 15th episode of “Snowdrop” has reached an average nationwide rating of 2,8% while its 16th episode, the last episode, reached an average rating of 3,4% which is the second-highest rating of the series. (The highest rating is 3,9% of the 2nd episode).

Meanwhile, TV Chosun’s Uncle finished with a decent average rating of 7.8% for its final episode. tvN’s Bulgasal, with just 2 episodes left, has risen slightly to a nationwide average rating of 3.7% for its latest episode. Meanwhile, KBS1’s “The King of Tears: Lee Bang Won , after being caught up in an animal abuse scandal that caused a horse to die while filming, has been canceled this week’s airing.

Finally, KBS 2TV’s Young Lady And Gentleman remain the most-watched television series on Sunday with an average nationwide rating of 32.6%.

 Young Lady And Gentleman
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