LE SSERAFIM’s debut album surpasses 380,000 pre-orders, heralding a global sensation

Girl group LE SSERAFIM is showing their explosive power with the pre-order achievement for their debut album, signaling the birth of a “high-class group”.

According to an announcement from the album distributor YG PLUS on April 30th, the number of pre-orders for “FEARLESS”, the first mini-album of LE SSERAFIM exceeded 380,000 as of April 29th. Accordingly, the album’s pre-order surpassed 270,000 copies on April 20th, a week after the pre-sale began. 100,000 copies were added in the next 9 days.

Le Sserafim

With this amazing pre-order result, LE SSERAFIM is already making a great impact as the first girl group launched by the collaboration of HYBE and Source Music. Whenever a new pre-promotion video content was introduced, keywords related to LE SSERAFIM immediately topped the real-time trending charts on major SNS sites, such as Twitter and Weibo, showing off their aspect of a super rookie group.

The mini-album “FEARLESS” has a total of 5 songs, including the title song of the same name, “The World Is My Oyster”, “Blue Flame”, The Great Mermaid”, and “Sour Grapes”. HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who helped BTS become a global artist, was the executive producer of the girl group’s debut album and created the music style of LE SSERAFIM with various genres, such as alternative pop, disco-punk, and R&B.

Le Sserafim

LE SSERAFIM added sincerity to their debut album by telling their stories through it. The title song “FEARLESS” is a pink-based alternative pop genre track that contains a message that tells us to not dwell on the past and move forward without hesitation. The honest feelings and thoughts of the members while preparing for their debut were included in the lyrics.

The third track “Blue Flame”, in which members Kim Chae-won and Huh Yun-jin wrote the lyrics, is the theme song for HYBE’s original story “Crimson Heart”, which tells the story of 6 members heading to “UNKNOWN”, a magical wildland, following the Blue Firefly, which symbolizes desire.  

Le Sserafim

LE SSERAFIM will release the second music video teaser for its song “FEARLESS” on May 1st, heating up the enthusiastic interest in their debut with their first mini-album on May 2nd.

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