Monika expressed her affection for Lip J: “If she dies, I would just follow her”

Dancer Monika from “Street Woman Fighter” expressed her extraordinary friendship with Lip J on “You Quiz On The Block”.

On Nov 3rd, tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block” released the episode featuring the leaders in “Street Woman Fighter” Honey J, Rihey, Hyojin Choi, Gabee, Lee Jung, Monika and Noze

Monika Lip J
Monika Lip J

When MC Yoo Jae-suk asked Monika about her living with Lip J, she answered, “I’ve been living with Hyo-won (Lip J) for 5 years.” She then expressed her affection for Lip J, saying, “She is such a dear friend of mine that I think I could die with her if she dies.” Monika confessed an anecdote, saying that she had been grateful to Lip J recently.

Monika Lip J

Monika said that she had been having a hard time recently due to frequent sleep paralysis, but everytime it happened, Lip J would open the door to quietly wake her up and calm her down. Even if the sleep paralysis happened when Lip J wasn’t home, she would wake up and call Lip J because she was scared. Lip J would then answer, “It’s your sleep paralysis again? I’ll be home soon.”

Monika Lip J

In response, MC Yoo Jae-suk envied the close friendship between them, saying, “Even couples don’t do that.”


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