Lee Soo Hyuk impressed with his love for fans, giving away a headset worth 750,000 won

The immense love that model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk shows towards his fans is drawing huge attention. 

On February 4th, Lee Soo Hyuk posted a story on his Instagram account, saying, “This friend, authorize your ID through my DM, and use the savings for good things! Thank you, 2023 Fighting! I will work even harder!”

Lee So hyuk

The story started with a post confirming the installment savings made by a fan of Lee Soo Hyuk. Recently, among fans of celebrities such as actors and idols, a fandom culture emerged, in which fans would start to save money in accordance with the number of posts published by their favorite celebrities on SNS. Accordingly, a fan of Lee Soo Hyuk decided to save 30,000 won per post and 10,000 won per story. However, Lee Soo Hyuk, who has a lot of love for fans and often communicates with them, posted 1 story and 3 posts in 2 hours.

As a result, the fan of Lee Soo Hyuk incurred an extraordinary amount of savings, and posted about such a feat. “With this momentum, I can buy an Air X Max next month”, they said, referring to an expensive headset worth 750,000 won.

It is known that Lee Soo Hyuk’s staff, who saw the fan’s post, shared it with Lee Soo Hyuk. Seeing this, Lee Soo Hyuk bought the headset himself and published a proof of purchase on SNS, asking to send it to the aforementioned fan as a thank you gift. 

Although Lee Soo Hyuk boasts an arrogant impression with a cold, sharp and handsome appearance, as well as a persuasive low-pitched voice, his love for fans is undeniable. The contrasting charm of Lee Soo Hyuk, who has a warm and affectionate personality unlike his visuals, captures the hearts of fans as well as the public.

Upon witnessing Lee Soo Hyuk’s kind action, netizens expressed their surprise and left comments such as, “This is crazy”, “I feel affection whenever I see a celebrity who is good at communicating fans”, “Lee Soo Hyuk will gain a lot of fans after this”, and “If that fan said that he would have bought a house with the savings, may be Lee Soo Hyuk would have bought them a house”.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Hyuk recently appeared as a panelist in the hyper-realism observational love TV show “Cohabitation, Not Marriage” and gained attention.

Source: Nate 

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