Hyeri about reaching her 30s, “I’m going to be a better person” 

Idol-actress Hyeri shared her feelings about traveling alone, as well as her emotions about reaching her 30s.

On February 3rd, Hyeri, an idol-actress from the group Girl’s Day, published a video titled “Hyeri’s Healing tour in Jeju” on her personal YouTube channel.

In the video, Hyeri said, “After the shooting for about 7 months, I came to Jeju Island. From some point, I just love Jeju Island. I get a lot of good energy whenever I visit. So I came here, it’s great.”

The idol actress also asked fans if they made resolutions for the New Year, and revealed that after spending a few days with her friends, she was going to stay in Jeju alone for a day or two. “I’m going to make my New Year’s resolution then,” Hyeri said, adding, “I’m going to spend some alone time.”

At the same time, Hyeri mentioned that she’s now 30 years old in Korean age, and said, “Before you turn 30, at 29 years old, they say you think about a lot of stuff. I honestly didn’t think much, It was just the same day as any other. But at this timing, there were a few things that made me reflect on myself, and think about how I should live from now on.”

She also added, “I’m going to spend some time wrapping up this year and my 20s. As much as the love you showed me, I’m going to be a better person.

Hyeri then revealed that traveling alone was great, and that it was something she needed. She also expressed her love and gratitude to fans, saying, “My time in Jeju Island. I hope you enjoyed watching it too. Thank you for your love towards ‘May I Help You?’ And please support Hyeri’s new work and new challenges. Please look forward to it.”

Finally, Hyeri concluded her video with heartfelt words. “My keyword for 2022 was ‘being diligent’. I decided it to be ‘being strong’ for 2023. Moments when I get hurt obviously exists, and it eats me away. I want to practice not to blame, not to procrastinate, but to bravely face that moment. Let’s always be humble and look at my flaws. You have to keep an eye on me if I will live like this for this year. Okay?”, she said. 

Source: Naver

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