An A-list female idol accused of bullying, sued the victim but was exposed with a recording tape

The news that Chorong (Apink) was accused of bullying made netizens surprised because for the past 10 years, the female idol has always had a pure and positive image.

 In the midst of a series of bullying accusations against Korean celebrities, recently, an anonymous post on social media denounced that this weekend a female idol known for her bright, cleanimage will be exposed for being a bully.  And today, the female idol’s identity has been revealed, it is Chorong (Apink).

 This morning (April 5), Sports Kyunghang news published an exclusive meeting with Kim – Chorong’s elementary school friend. The person accused the Apink’s leader of bullying. “When I was 18, I met Chorong again on a street in Sachang-dong. I smiled at Chorong, but she glared at me. She said to me: ‘Hey, Chorong wants to hit you’ and dragged me to a small alley. There, she said: ‘I don’t like the way you laughed at me’, then she slapped and kicked me.” Kim also said that the female idol’s group of friends used to beat and punch her in the head, shoulders and back, causing her face to be swollen and bruised all over.

An A-list female idol accused of bullying, sued the victim but was exposed with a recording tape

 After seeing Chorong debut with Apink and succeed, Kim has had to go through a difficult time because of past trauma.  Kim said she sent a message directly via Instagram to Chorong, asking for an apology.  But then, the victim was accused by Chorong’s side of “defaming, spreading false information”, forcing her to confess and being investigated by the police.  When the victim sent a notice to Play M Entertainment – Apink’s agency, the company did not react strongly, even saying this was just an antifan’s action.

 Kim then contacted Chorong, hoping to receive an apology.  When Chorong asked to meet in person, Kim refused because she was hurt.  During the second call, Apink’s leader changed her stance, claiming not to harass, bully or assault Kim.  However, victim Kim said she recorded the first call to prove her claim was true.

 Immediately after the call with Chorong, other people who had participated in bullying Kim also called her.  “They called me right after they hung up with Chorong, saying that my memory was wrong.”  When asked why  she waited until now to expose Chorong, the victim said “She has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so I fear I might be in trouble if I spoke up. But the pain from that time has turned into an illness, so I decided to act.”

 Five days ago, Play M Entertainment acted “preemptively” before filing a lawsuit against Kim for defamation and threats.  However, Kim said she was willing to reveal details of the bullying case and would take legal action against Chorong’s side.  In response to Sports Kyunghang, the victim’s legal representative said: “If Chorong’s agency declares these allegations to be false, then one of the two parties is lying. We have a lot of evidence that Kim is innocent. We will take strong legal action against Park Chorong.”

An A-list female idol accused of bullying, sued the victim but was exposed with a recording tape

 In response to this, Play M Entertainment also made a tough move: “Kim’s accusations made Park Chorong feel threatened and it was clear that it was an act of trying to ruin her image. Even after correcting, Kim is still trying to bring back the story. In this regard, as stated earlier, we will also take legal action based on our evidence.”

 This intense “denunciation” makes netizens surprised because Chorong has been active in the entertainment industry for 10 years and always has a clean image.  Netizens couldn’t help but debate about who was right and who was wrong in this lawsuit. Immediately after being accused of being involved in school violence, Apink’s leader’s past photos of her in clubs were also brought back, making netizens even more confused.

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