ITZY is praised for their improvement in live singing yet main vocalist Lia gets criticized again?

Lia is always called ITZY’s “black hole” by Korean netizens when it comes to the group’s dancing, but what happened that caused her to be criticized even for her singing and facial expressions despite being ITZY’s main vocal? 

Recently, 5 members of ITZY appeared together on the radio show Cool FM. Besides sharing many interesting stories about their latest full album, the group also had a special live performance of the title song “LOCO”. Compared to the comeback with “Mafia In The Morning” at the beginning of the year, it seems that the girls have improved their live singing skills. Many netizens have left comments praising the improvement of ITZY members in live singing, except for… the main vocalist Lia, who gets criticized for “spoiling the mood”?

ITZY appeared on the music radio station Cool FM as part of their promotional activities for LOCO

While the other members sang their parts very well and did not forget to show their expressions as if it was a real performance even though they weren’t recording on stage where they needed to perform the choreography. The girls were clearly doing their best to give the audience the most enjoyable and appealing performance even on a radio station. 

Ryujin and Yuna both have not many lines but always know how to stand out. So even though their parts were less than others, they still delivered
Yeji is good at both singing and rapping. Although she just stood there without dancing, her charismatic facial expressions were enough to capture the audiences’ hearts
Chaeryoung attracted the audiences with her soft look, a stable voice, smooth high notes even as the group’s main dancer 

On the other hand, Lia’s performance failed to impress. Lia’s singing isn’t bad, but she overly strained her voice and her high notes sounded jarring. Moreover, because of the tension and discomfort that Lia did not control her expression well, constantly frowning her eyebrows. So whenever it’s her turn to sing, she gives off somewhat uncomfortable and tired feelings.

itzy lia
Not only did Lia have an unconvincing performance in terms of vocal, she also didn’t handle her facial expressions well
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