Chinese Rap Show accused of plagiarizing EXO’s diamond in their album “Love Shot”

The Chinese show “The Rap of China” was recently said to have stolen the diamond design from an EXO album.

Recently, the official Weibo account of the Chinese show “The Rap Of China” published introductory photos of its participants, designed like holographic cards. However, netizens and fans of famous Kpop group EXO quickly found eerie resemblances between a design on the cards and the cover of an EXO album.

love shot exo thumbnail

In particular, a diamond on “The Rap Of China”s card template is exactly the same as one from EXO’s album “Love Shot”, even including the symbols “E”, “X”, and “O”, which was cleverly integrated in the diamond.

As of the moment, the organizers of “The Rap Of China” maintained their silence against the controversy. However, netizens are pretty convinced that this is a blatant act of plagiarism.

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