Actor who turned himself in for committing fraud is reportedly an FT Island member 

Korean media outlet The Fact confirmed that an ex-member of the idol group FT Island turned himself in to the police after participating in a voice phishing crime. 

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency’s anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team announced on July 12th that it booked actor A without detention on charges of fraud.


According to the police, A is accused of receiving 6 million won from B, a voice phishing victim, somewhere in Gyeonggi-do on the 16th of last month and trying to deliver it to other cash collectors.

A had been suffering from economic difficulties and started working after applying for a”High-paying part-time job” on the Internet but later turned himself in to the police after noticing that this was a voice phishing organization.

ft island

According to The Fact, A is from FT Island, a famous idol group, and has been an actor since leaving the group.

The police plan to wrap up the investigation soon and hand the case over to the prosecution.

Source: The Fact

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