Idol-turned-actor turned himself in after committing phone call fraud

An idol-turned-actor in his 30s turned himself in after committing a voice phishing crime.

According to MBN’s exclusive report on July 12th, A visited Yeoju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province on the 16th of last month and confessed that “I received 6 million won from the victim of a voice phishing crime.” A was identified as a man in his 30s, a former idol group member and an actor.


According to the statement, A, who had been suffering from economic difficulties, started working after applying for a “high-paying part-time job” on the Internet. After realizing that it was a voice phishing crime, he immediately visited the police station.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency reportedly arrested three more accomplices after confirming two additional cases.

The police will investigate additional accomplices after filing A without detention on charges of fraud and other charges.

Source: Nate

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