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aespa’s Winter, the group’s only introvert, talks about her difficulties while filming MVs

Winter opened up about what made her lose strength during comeback preparations. 

aespa recently made a comeback with their 2nd mini album “Girls”. On July 12th, the group guested on MBC’s radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon”. 

On this day, DJ Kim Shin Young asked aespa members about the difficulties they faced while filming MVs. Winter answered, “Rather than filming, the waiting time was more difficult. When the time was delayed, I lost my strength.”

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When Kim Shin Young asked Winter if she was the introverted type among MBTI types, Winter was amazed and said yes. 

Kim Shin Young continued, “I-types have a hard time waiting. It’s hard when there are many people, because I-types have to spend time alone and recharge their energy. Aren’t all the members except Winter extroverts?” Hearing this, Winter sympathized greatly.

Meanwhile, aespa released “Girls” on July 8th. For their first stage during this comeback, aespa became the first K-pop girl group to perform in the ‘Good Morning America 2022 Summer Concert Series’ held at Playfield, a large concert hall in Central Park, New York, USA. 


“Girls” not only achieved the highest pre-order record for a K-pop girl group, but also raised expectations for breaking a new record in first-week sales.

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