Bride-to-be Kim Yuna looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress in stunning hanbok pictorial 

Kim Yuna’s hanbok pictorial is drawing attention. 

On October 10th, figure skating queen Kim Yuna shared new pictures of her on her Instagram with the caption, “Beautiful Hanbok…”.

Kim Yuna

The published photos show Kim Yuna posing in various designs of hanbok. From a hanbok that resembles a wedding dress, to a hanbok engraved with Hunminjeongeum to commemorate Korea’s Hangul Day, to a see-through hanbok, Kim Yuna perfectly pulls off every look. 

In the comments, the official account of the Olympics also left an exclamation mark, showing admiration to Kim Yuna.

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna, who was born in 1990, is a former figure skater and is scheduled to marry Forestella’s Ko Woo Rim on October 22nd.

Source: naver

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