Kangta and Jeong Yu-mi’s families has met, getting ready for the wedding

Kangta, a former member of H.O.T., and actress Jung Yu-mi is preparing for their wedding.

According to the entertainment news YouTube channel Entertainment Best TV, Kangta and Jung Yoo-mi recently wrapped up their parents meeting in a warm atmosphere. The insider said, “The parents of both families (Kangta and Jung Yu-mi) recently met in person in a friendly atmosphere,” adding, “Both side’s parents have met and talked about the wedding this fall.”

Kang Ta

Kangta’s parents reportedly liked Jung Yu-mi‘s polite appearance. It is also said that Jung Yu-mi’s parents showed their favor towards Kangta due to his easy and sincere appearance. Kangta and Jung Yu-mi’s wedding announcement was made public through the news. At the time, Kangta and Jung Yu-mi decided to get married this fall, said an aide to the two. They have also told their close relatives about their marriage.

Jung Yoo Mi

The birth of this star couple are expected to create another buzz. They once denied rumors of a romantic relationship, but in February 2020, Jung Yu-mi directly revealed her romantic relationship on Instagram, drawing attention.

Especially, Jung Yu-mi once appeared on an entertainment program to enthusiastically welcome the news of H.O.T’s reunion and confessed that she was a fan of Kangta.

Source: Nate

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