Kangta – Jung Yu-mi’s wedding?… SM responded, “Nothing has been decided”

While singer Kangta is rumored to get married with actress Jung Yu-mi, whom he has been dating for two years, his agency released a statement.

On May 27th, SM Entertainment – Kangta’s agency said to Star News, “The two are still dating well and nothing has been decided yet.”

Earlier on the same day, Sports Kyunghyang quoted the content released by Youtube channel “Best Entertainment TV (연예짱TV)” on May 27th and reported “Kangta and Jung Yu-mi will get married this autumn. After dating for more than two years, the two has developed great trust in each other.”

Meanwhile, Kangta and Jung Yu-mi denied the dating rumors in 2019. When rumors arose once again in 2020, the two officially publicized their relationship, saying “We are dating with good feelings”, and revealed that they had been in a romantic relationship for two years.

At that time, Jung Yu-mi shared, “I recently started a serious relationship with a good friend, who was a great senior to me. It’s really hard and scary to publicize our relationship but I also have a small expectation that better days will come.”

Source: Daum

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